A comprehensive, secure, flexible, customizable, and easy-to-use solution for hospitals and clinics that integrates all its departments and branches that are geographically separated.

Streamline your Practice with HealthPractice!

360° patient management
From appointments to visits, we provide a comprehensive view of patient information, enabling you to deliver personalized care.
Seamless Workflow
Our intuitive interface streamlines your daily tasks, making it easier to manage patient records, digital prescriptions, and billing efficiently.
Enjoy Lifetime Free Updates
Enjoy peace of mind with lifetime free updates, ensuring your software is always up to date with the latest advancements.
Gold Standard Support
Our gold standard support team is here to assist you every step of the way to ensure you have a smooth experience with HealthPractice.
Privacy Focused
Brings a modern, privacy-focused approach to Practice Management

Privacy is our utmost priority, and we adhere to the highest industry standards to safeguard your practice information from unauthorized access by following stringent data protection measures.

Security First
No Compromise on Ensuring Robust Security

Ensure your data is secure and confidential with our top-tier measures and certifications, including robust End-to-end encryption protocols and stringent data protection measures.


Patient Registration

Effortlessly register patients with our intuitive interface, ensuring accuracy and efficiency while streamlining your practice’s workflow.

Patient Records (EMR/EHR)

Access and manage patient records securely in one place, improving patient care coordination and streamlining your practice’s workflow.


Effortlessly schedule, manage, and track appointments, optimizing patient flow and enhancing staff productivity for your practice.

Visits Management

Enhance your patient visits with our streamlined workflow, guaranteeing efficient and improved experiences for patients in your practice.

Prescriptions (Rx)

Effortlessly prescribe medications digitally, improving accuracy, accessibility, streamlining workflows, and enhancing patient outcomes.


Efficiently track and manage diagnostic investigations, for informed decision-making in patient care.

Clinical History

Access comprehensive patient clinical histories instantly, enhancing diagnostic accuracy and treatment decisions for better personalized care.


Easily create and manage certificates, saving time and ensuring accuracy, while also keeping track of the history for your practice’s administrative tasks.

Billing & Taxation

Seamlessly manage your billing and taxation, streamlining financial processes and ensuring compliance for your healthcare practice.


Manage multiple locations from a centralized platform, enhancing efficiency and collaboration across your healthcare organization.

Staff Management

Manage roles, permissions and Incorporate new staff members flexibly to optimize productivity and ensure smooth operations for your practice.

Mobile app

Access patient records anytime, create quick visits, schedule appointments, and manage your practice on the go with our intuitive mobile app.


Gain valuable insights and track key information with our comprehensive reporting, empowering data-driven decision-making for your practice.


Manage pharmacy operations, including medication orders and billing, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced patient safety.


Track and manage medical supplies and inventory, ensuring optimal stock levels and streamlined workflows in your healthcare facility.

Doctors’ Testimonials

HealthPractice Doctor App

Empowering Health, Unleashing Care: Seamless EHR Solutions in the Palm of Your Hand
  • Seamless Patient Management
  • Quick Appointment Scheduling
  • Remote Consultation via call
  • Access Patient EMR Anytime
  • Patient Visit Management
  • Effortless Voice Input

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